Hotmark Revolution - Fuchsia

Hotmark Revolution - Fuchsia

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Hotmark Revolution is the best all around heat transfer material on the market today.
It has a lower application temperature, so no more heat squares
It weeds faster on detailed cuts, saving time and labor costs
Applies to Cotton, Polyester and Nylon
Stretchable, great for performance wear
Save money, instead of stocking many materials Revolution does it all.
Polyurethane - PU material

Application Instructions:
For Cotton, Poly and Blends
  • 285 Degrees - 5 Seconds
  • 245 Degrees - 20 Seconds
  • 235 Degrees- 25 Seconds
For Nylon
  • 285 Degrees- 20 Seconds
Pressure - Medium
Peel - Hot or Cold