250-5 Low Temperature - Red

250-5 Low Temperature - Red

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Its name says it all. Apply at 250 degrees for 5 seconds. The material is thin, elastic, soft to the hand and blends well into the textiles. Specifically conceived for polyester based “technical” fabrics eventually mixed with an addition of cotton and elastic fibers.
Low temperature application prevents undesirable effects such as heat squares, glossiness, fiber damaging and decrease or loss of some of the specific features of the textile.

Thickness - 90 Microns

Polyurethane – PU material

Country of Origin - Italy

Application Instructions:
For Cotton, Poly and Blends
250 Degrees – 5 Seconds

Pressure - Firm

Peel - Hot

Recommended Cutting:
Blade - 45 degree
Force - 50 gf
Speed - 25 cm/sec