Insta 1020 39.4" x 47.2" Large Format Dual Shuttle Press
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Insta 1020 39.4" x 47.2" Large Format Dual Shuttle Press

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The Insta 1020 large format heat press machine features a 1m x 1.2m (39.4” x 47.2”) upper platen, an automatic reciprocating dual tray system, and two powerful air cylinders to produce pressure. This large heat press is ideal for maximizing the efficiency of your facilities resources while maintaining exceptional quality. The Insta 1020 is a marriage of increased productivity and reliability. The larger printing surface is perfect for all-over sublimation, while the powerful heating coils and synchronized air cylinders give the power to pull it off perfectly and repeatedly. Combined with the machine’s automated abilities, the Insta 1020 gives a single user the power to create consistent, high quality, total T-shirt prints at a pace and consistency unachievable with a manual press.

  • Dual platens / Small Footprint: Reciprocating dual trays shuttle into the press in a unique way making the Insta 1020 the most productive large format press with the smallest footprint in the industry.
  • Quiet & Simplistic Operation: Press operators appreciate the quiet operation and the ease of learning how to effectively operate our largest press.
  • Production Flexibility: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic production speeds.
  • Largest Dual Platen: 39.41” x 47.2” (1 m X 1.2 m). With this press you are ready to GO BIG!
  • Fully automatic
  • Reciprocating dual tray system speeds up production
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Even pressure across the platens
  • Quiet operation
  • Weight: 1874 Lbs Shpping Weight: 3000 Lbs crated
  • Electrical: 9000W / 60A / 230V Three Phase 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 22" D x 32.75" W x 35" H
  • Air Compressor Required (min): Minimum 3HP with a rating of 20 Gallons or 9 CFM